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Refining milestones for the Fellowship in Family Planning using a Delphi approach

Sabrina Holmquist, University of Chicago

Project abstract

Post-graduate medical training fellowships (of which the Fellowship in Family Planning is one) have moved to milestone-based assessment of trainees to determine readiness for independent practice, and define the competencies and attributes of an expert in that field. As defined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), "Milestones are competency-based developmental outcomes (e.g., knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance) that can be demonstrated progressively by residents and fellows from the beginning of their education through graduation to the unsupervised practice of their specialties." Milestones for the Fellowship in Family Planning (FFP) were recently authored and are currently being pilot tested at 15 fellowship sites nationwide. We propose to refine these milestones using a Delphi technique: milestone revisions will be solicited via multiple iterations of anonymous questionnaires distributed to program directors at participating pilot sites. This will yield a consensus document that will be used both to measure trainee progress through their family planning post-graduate training and determine readiness for graduation into independent practice. This document will also generate a detailed narrative description of the skills and attributes of an expert in the field of family planning via a rigorous methodology designed to minimize bias.

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