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Provider experience in establishing hospital-based second trimester surgical abortion services: A qualitative study

Sabrina Holmquist, MD, MPH, University of Chicago

Project abstract

Women facing a second trimester abortion in a hospital-based setting are best served when they have a choice between a medical or surgical procedure, and there are increasing numbers of providers able to perform surgical abortion in the second trimester. Given the prevalence of in-hospital, second trimester abortion services there is an opportunity to increase our understanding of the experience of providers who have established these services. We propose to gather provider experience in initiating second trimester hospital-based abortion services through in-depth interviews with providers.

Exploring common and unique obstacles that providers face and the strategies they use to overcome them will advance the literature on abortion with implications for clinical care. Similarly, gaining provider perspective on the current hospital environment for establishing these services has implications for policy. Finally, these data will be used to create a framework to aid providers in understanding and successfully navigating hospital culture as it pertains to second trimester surgical abortion provision. This hypothesis-generating research will aid in the development of data-driven strategies to overcome obstacles and successfully establish hospital-based second trimester surgical abortion services.

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