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Pharmacy recruitment of misoprostol users in Mexico: A feasibility study

Dalia Brahmi, Ipas, 2012

Project abstract

In both legally restricted and less restricted settings in Mexico, women purchase misoprostol in community pharmacies without a prescription and use it at home. Because these abortions occur outside the health care system, little is known about how women learn about misoprostol, assess their eligibility, know appropriate dosing regimens, and recognize complications. In order to increase safe access and reduce harm from medical abortion at the community level, identifying and talking with this hidden population is critical. We propose a prospective pilot study to determine the feasibility of identifying women purchasing misoprostol for abortion at community pharmacies in Mexico in both a less restrictive (Federal District) and a restricted (Guanajuato) setting. We wish to determine whether these women can be contacted, interviewed and followed to abortion outcome.

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