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Translational research in family planning: fueling the pipeline

Courtney Schreiber, University of Pennsylvania

Project abstract

Family planning (FP) is a field in which individual and public health goals are frequently aligned: when women receive patient-centered reproductive health care, the entire population benefits. As an NIH funded physician-scientist and FP program director, I am committed to fueling the pipeline of investigators who contribute to high-impact reproductive health research with clinical, policy and public health relevance. I propose to use the Society for Family Planning (SFP) Mid-Career/Mentoring Award to hone my skills and efficiency as both a career and research mentor for students, residents, and junior faculty, while supporting the development of specific investigators at a range of professional stages who seek careers with FP policy and public-health impact. If funded, I will:

  1. Enroll in Research Mentor Training Program, a seasoned course directed by experts at my institution
  2. Create a formal mentoring program for my trainees that incorporates a curriculum to ensure rigorous research skills and high impact professional development
  3. Commit to inspiring these trainees to become independent investigators positioned to compete for major grant support.

Together, the individual projects described in this proposal meet several of SFP’s top research priorities (numbers 2, 4, 5, 12, 17). This support will help to meet SFP Research Fund’s mission through the power of the human capital supported by dedicated mentoring.

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