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Contraception counseling at the time of first trimester abortion: What do women want?

Catherine Cansino, MD, MPH, University of California, Davis

Project abstract

Contraception counseling is commonly a routine component of abortion services. However, our pilot study demonstrates that many women who undergo first-trimester surgical abortion do not want to discuss contraception during the counseling session as part of their abortion care.

Our study proposes to examine women undergoing both medical and surgical abortion in the first trimester with regard to their interest in contraception counseling. We plan to conduct a survey-based investigation of 2000 women at several locations across the United States. Among women interested in counseling, we plan to identify specific topics of interest in order to inform abortion providers about the suggested content of tailored counseling to meet women's needs.

Our findings will also highlight appropriate allocation of resources, including time and effort, toward emphasizing immediate contraceptive initiation and community outreach for those who wish to seek contraception services outside the abortion care setting.

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