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Asking the community: How can we improve contraceptive conversations between young women and their providers?

Brooke Levandowski, SUNY Upstate Medical University, 2015

Project abstract

Patients and providers report conflicting and overlapping requirements for effective contraceptive counseling, yet the literature lacks an effective communication intervention to improve contraceptive uptake.

Recent work on shared decision making (SDM) indicates that improving communication requires (1) interventions for both providers and patients and (2) providing treatment choice information to patients. Our objective in this CBPR application is to determine ways to improve patient-provider communication concerning contraception decisions, generating baseline data of the types of patient and provider interventions necessary to generate a SDM encounter.

A collaborative, qualitative research project will be conducted by investigators from SUNY Upstate Medical University, REACH CNY's Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Community Advisory Council, and other community partners. Specifically, the project will conduct two sets of focus groups with young women and providers. The first set of focus groups will identify which communication elements our community's young women need to effectively engage in contraceptive conversations. The second set of focus groups will identify key communication barriers between women and providers.

At the completion of these studies, it is our expectation that we will have identified specific ways to improve patient-provider contraceptive conversations, from the perspective of both the provider and patients, supporting SDM intervention development.

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