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Contraceptive use and reproductive outcomes among beneficiaries of the Oportunidades conditional cash transfer program in Mexico: Impact evaluation

Blair Darney, University of Washington, 2011

Project abstract

This proposal focuses on assessing reproductive health impacts of a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program in Mexico.

The Oportunidades program aims to reduce poverty and improve health outcomes by providing incentives for rural families to keep children, especially girls, in school and to utilize of a package of primary health care services. No studies to date have examined reproductive behavior among young women in Oportunidades-exposed households; analyses to date have focused on women identified as heads of household at baseline and on child health outcomes.

This study will improve understanding of the relationship between Oportunidades, education, contraceptive use, and age at first birth among young Mexican women. The goal of this study is to use multiple data sources to assess the impacts on contraceptive use and fertility of economic policies and programs targeted at the poor. The specific aims of this project are:

  1. To describe trends in contraceptive use, age at first birth, and total births among young women in Mexico, triangulating multiple data sources.
  2. To test the relationship of Oportunidades program exposure with these outcomes.
  3. To test whether education mediates observed relationships.

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