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Members of the Society of Family Planning are united by a vision of just and equitable abortion and contraception, informed by science. If you share this vision, have a demonstrated interest in conducting or leveraging family planning research, and are in good professional standing, we hope you will join us and become a member today.

Benefits of Membership

DISCOVER Stay up to date with scientific and clinical developments in family planning through our journal Contraception and at the Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting.

CONNECT Meet others focused on family planning, make valuable connections, and establish new collaborations. Explore our online membership directory. Network with scholars from multiple disciplines, clinicians with a variety of specialties, advocates, and others at our Annual Meeting.

ENGAGE Volunteer to join the Board, serve on a Committee, review grant proposals, or evaluate Annual Meeting presentation submissions. Join us at our Annual Meeting to share your ideas about our shared future work.

GROW Receive mentorship from established leaders in our field or serve as a mentor to emerging scholars invested in family planning. Access no-cost family planning educational resources and CME credit via our Continuing Education Program. Take part in our annual career development workshop. Post job opportunities to our job board and access an ever-growing listing of available positions in the family planning field.

SAVE Subscribe to the journal Contraception at no cost. Receive significantly reduced registration fees to the Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting. Obtain discounted membership to the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health.

RALLY Be an agent of change by serving as a Society of Family Planning delegate to other academic organizations and meetings.

These membership dues are effective starting January 5th, 2021.

Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program
(eg BS, MPH, MD, PhD).




with institutional support

Early Career
Graduate of an undergraduate or graduate program within the past five years, or currently in a post-graduate program
(post-doctoral, residency, or fellowship).




with institutional support

Established post-undergraduate or graduate career of five or more years, and not currently enrolled in a post-graduate program (post-doctoral, residency, or fellowship).




with institutional support

Works in a partner organization or a supporting role, and does not fall under other categories.




with institutional support

Retired from a career in family planning clinical care or research.



Existing members in their renewal period can pay their dues here. Members who would like to pre-pay their memberships may do so by emailing Membership@SocietyFP.org

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs are communities of practice focused on topics related to the science and clinical care of family planning and are an exclusive benefit of Society membership. Participation in a SIG provides members with opportunities to establish and deepen relationships with colleagues in the field, build professional skills, and exchange ideas. Society members may join up to two SIGs per year. 

You can read more about these groups, including information on meeting times and how to join here. If you have any questions about these groups, or member benefits, please contact us.

Current SIGs

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health: This group is for members looking to discuss the specific needs of adolescents with regards to sexual and reproductive health care, including contraception, abortion, and reproductive justice. 

Advocacy: This group is for members focused on advocating for evidence-based abortion and contraception practices and policies in the US. Topics discussed could be: legislative updates, current challenges and successes, and advocacy opportunities. 

Black, Indigenous, and people of color: This group is for members who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Topics include community building and networking, URiM pipelines (including but not limited to increasing diversity in the Complex Family Planning Fellowship), mentorship, and other collaborative efforts to diversify the membership, leadership, research, guidelines, and policies of the Society of Family Planning

Early pregnancy assessment clinics (EPAC): This group is for members who are interested in creating a way for patients for find EPAC services in their communities in North America, and to provide the most up-to-date references for best patient practices and care.

Family medicine: This group is for members who work in the field of family medicine and are involved in the clinical care of family planning. Topics discussed could be: best practices and challenges, training needs, and trends related to family planning and abortion care in the context of family medicine. 

Medical educators: This group is for members involved in family planning through academic medical education, including undergraduate, graduate/doctoral, resident or fellowship levels. Topics discussed could be: best practices and new challenges, emerging research, and innovative content delivery. 

Research implementation: This group is for members who are interested in identifying and developing best practices for conducting family planning research. Topics discussed could be: best practices for recruitment, responding to IRB challenges, or approaching complex data analyses. 

Substance use disorders: This group is for members who are involved with or who are interested in improving the quality of and/or advocating for family planning care provided to individuals with substance use disorders. Topics discussed could be: emerging data and research, best practices, training needs, and access and referrals. 

Telehealth practitioners: This group is for members who are involved in the provision or advocacy for telehealth services. Topics discussed could be: legislative updates, current challenges and opportunities, emerging research, and best practices for provision of care.

Apply for Membership

Apply here to become a member. If you have any questions about your application status or the application process, please contact us

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Society of Family Planning members can log in to their Society Connect account here to post jobs, search the member directory, or post on the community forums. If you have any questions regarding your Society Connect account, please contact us.

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