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Nominations are closed for the following three awards for the 2019 Society of Family Planning Awards. 

  • Society of Family Planning Mentor Award: This award is for individuals and/or teams who have demonstrated dedication to supporting and furthering the careers of a new generation of academic clinicians or scholars in the field of family planning.
  • Society of Family Planning Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is for individuals and/or teams who have spent their careers advancing the science of abortion and contraception, and have supported others in achieving their own success.
  • Society of Family Planning Beacon of Science Award: This award is reserved for individuals and/or teams who have made marked, visionary contributions towards just and equitable abortion and contraception informed by science. Their work may have included improving clinical care, advancing research, offering education, translating knowledge into policy or practice, or another type of contribution. We place no seniority or disciplinary constraints on nominees for this award. Nor do we seek to restrict the types of contributions that can be honored.

For the schedule of these and other key events in the family planning field, see our calendar of eventsIf you have upcoming events that you think will interest other people in the field, please let us know.