Eleanor Drey, MD, EdM, University of California, San Francisco

There are several benefits of offering implantable etonorgestrel (“the implant”) in the post-abortion population, and its availability may significantly decrease repeat unintended pregnancy. Our prospective cohort study evaluated acceptability of post-abortion implant placement, its effect on post-abortion bleeding, and an ongoing evaluation of one-year continuation. In addition, supplemental funding made recruitment of more implant subjects ...Read more >

Catherine Cansino, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University

In the US, the majority of first trimester abortions are performed using vacuum aspiration under local anesthesia, commonly with a paracervical block. Most women are given a pre-operative anti-inflammatory agent such as ibuprofen. We propose that pain management can be optimized using a paracervical block of combined lidocaine and ketorolac, eliminating the need for pre-operative ...Read more >

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