We will honor leaders in the field of family planning through three awards at the 2020 Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting. A committee composed of prior awardees and members of our Board of Directors reviews all nominations. The award submission schedule is below:

  • Nominations open: March 23, 2020
  • Nominations close: May 6, 2020
  • Nominations announced: June 2020

Save the date now to submit a nomination and celebrate the leaders who we have honored before.

Society of Family Planning Lifetime Achievement Award

The Society of Family Planning Lifetime Achievement Award, created in 2005, is for individuals and/or teams who have dedicated their careers to advancing the science of abortion and contraception, and have supported others in achieving their own success.

  • 2019: Uta Landy, PhD
  • 2018: Irving Sivin, MA
  • 2016: Dorothy Roberts, JD
  • 2015: Stanley K. Henshaw, PhD
  • 2014: Horacio Croxatto, MD
  • 2013: Carole Joffe, PhD
  • 2012: Anna Glasier, MD
  • 2011: Philip Darney, MD, MSc
  • 2010: Carolyn L. Westhoff, MD, MSc
  • 2009: Jacqui (Jacqueline) Darroch, PhD
  • 2008: Sheldon Segal, PhD
  • 2007: Daniel R. Mishell, Jr., MD
  • 2006: Leon Speroff, MD
  • 2005: David Grimes, MD

Society of Family Planning Beacon of Science Award

This award, created in 2019, is in recognition of individuals or teams who have made marked, visionary contributions towards just and equitable abortion and contraception informed by science. 

Society of Family Planning Mentor Award

Created in 2013, this award is for individuals or teams who have demonstrated dedication to supporting and furthering the careers of a new generation of academic clinicians or scholars in the field of family planning. The award was previously named after first recipient, Dr. Robert A. Hatcher.

  • 2019: Alisa Goldberg, MD, MPH
  • 2018: Bliss Kaneshiro, MD, MPH
  • 2017: Diana Greene Foster, PhD
  • 2016: Linda Prine, MD
  • 2015: Mark D. Nichols, MD
  • 2014: Marji Gold, MD
  • 2013: Robert A Hatcher, MD, MPH

Previous Awards

Allan Rosenfield Award for Lifetime Contributions to International Family Planning

Offered from 2007-2018, the Allan Rosenfield Award for Lifetime Contributions to International Family Planning pays homage to the exceptional research, authority, and dedication of the award’s first recipient, Society fo Family Planning founding board member Dr. Allan Rosenfield. 

  • 2018: Timothy R.B. Johnson, MD
  • 2017: Vivian Brache
  • 2016: Beverly Winikoff, MD, MPH
  • 2015: Willard Cates, Jr. MD, MPH
  • 2014: John J. Sciarra, MD, PhD
  • 2013: Paul Blumenthal, MD, MPH
  • 2012: Rebecca Gomperts, MD, MPP
  • 2011: Anibal Faúndes, MD, PhD
  • 2010: Herbert B. Peterson, MD
  • 2009: J. Joseph Speidel, MD, MPH
  • 2008: Paul Van Look, MD, PhD
  • 2007: Allan Rosenfield, MD