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March 2018  |  Vol. 10, #1

Dear colleagues,

A report released today by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concludes that abortion is safe and effective, but also inaccessible to many in the United States. The report also finds that medically unnecessary regulations on abortion hinder access to quality care. At a webinar, scheduled for March 23rd, the findings will be further discussed.

Our Board President Dr. Stephanie Teal reflected, “High-quality science is crucial to understanding abortion access and shaping best practices in care. This comprehensive and unbiased examination of the state of abortion care in the US shows clearly that science-and not politics-should be the foundation of abortion policies and practices.”

The report's conclusions will come as no surprise to our Board of Directors, members, grantees, or authors of our clinical guidelines, as these scholars spearheaded much of the research that was cited in the report.

Congratulations to the many members of our community, whose work proved foundational to firmly establishing the safety and efficacy of abortion, and the need for abortion to be accessible to all:

Sharon L. Achilles
Abigail Aiken
Rebecca Allen
Deborah Bartz
Sarah Baum
Davida Becker
Paula Bednarek
Ariana Bennett
Lyndsey Benson
Danielle Bessett
Sarah Betstadt
M. Antonia Biggs
Kelly Blanchard
Paul Blumenthal
Lynn Borgatta
Kari Braaten
Hillary Bracken
Dalia Brahmi
Claire Brindis
Elizabeth Brown
Amy Bryant
Anne Burke
Caitlin Canfield
Laura Castleman
Ward Cates
Stephen Chasen
Angela Chen
Melissa Chen
Kelly Cleland
Deborah Constant
Dustin Costescu
Mitchel Creinin
Kelly Culwell
Carrie Cwiak
Vanessa Dalton
Blair Darney
Philip Darney
Anne Davis
Gillian Dean
Christine Dehlendorf
Teresa DePineres
Amna Dermish
Justin Diedrich
Laura Dodge
Monica Dragoman
Eleanor Drey
Sheila Dunn
Alison Edelman
Lawrence Finer
Brian Fitzsimmons
Jennifer Fortin
Angel Foster
Diana Greene Foster
Michelle Fox
Lori Freedman
Valerie French
Liza Fuentes
Mary Gatter

Caitlin Gerdts
Emily Godfrey
Marji Gold
Alisa Goldberg
Anu Gomez
Suzan Goodman
Vinita Goyal
David Grimes
Kate Grindlay Kelly
Daniel Grossman
Maryam Guiahi
Edith Guilbert
Cassing Hammond
Lisa Harris
Jennifer Hayes
S. Marie Harvey
Jillian Henderson
Stanley Henshaw
Jenny Higgins
Kristine Hopkins
Luu Doan Ireland
Elizabeth Janiak
Janet Jacobson
Tara Jatlaoui
Jeff Jensen
Carole Joffe
Neetu John
Heidi Jones
Rachel Jones
Bliss Kaneshiro
Nathalie Kapp
Megan Kavanaugh
Brianna Keefe-Oates
Jessica Kiley
Katrina Kimport
Helena Kopp Kallner
Kathryn Kost
Beth Kruse
Uta Landy
Sky Lee
Amy Levi
Steve Lichtenberg
Naomi Lince-Deroche
Patricia Lohr
Honor MacNaughton
Tessa Madden
Raegan McDonald-Mosley
Monica McLemore
Colleen McNicholas
Karen Meckstroth
Lisa Memmel
Elizabeth Micks
Ann Moore
Nilda Moreno
Sara Newman
Mark Nichols
Deborah Nucatola
Wendy V. Norman

Kaebah Orme-Evans
Jennifer O'Donnell
Bayla Ostrach
Eva Patil
Maureen Paul
Jeffrey F. Peipert
Chelsea B. Polis
Joseph E. Potter
Sarah Prager
Linda Prine
Helen Pymar
Elizabeth Raymond
Matthew F. Reeves
Regina M. Renner
Sarah Roberts
Corinne H. Rocca
Jennefer Russo
Stacey Rubin
Jennifer Salcedo
Jessica Sanders
Eric Schaff
Gina Secura
Courtney A. Schreiber
Dominika Seidman
Caitlin Shannon
Jeanelle Sheeder
Grace Shih
Tara Shochet
Katharine Simmons
Melissa Simon
Lauren Sobel
Sarita Sonalkar
Judith A. Soon
Nancy Stanwood
Tara Stein
Jody Steinauer
Julia Steinberg
Amanda Stevenson
Melissa Strafford
Gretchen S. Stuart
Phillip G. Stubblefield
Debra Stulberg
Yael Swica
Stephanie Teal
Kristina Tocce
Leah Torres
James Trussell
Mary Tschann
Janet M. Turan
David K. Turok
Ushma D. Upadhyay
Tracy Weitz
Natalie Whaley
Kari White
Ellen Wiebe
Beverly Winikoff
Susan Wood
Justine Wu

We are proud to continue to fund research that identifies ways to improve access to abortion care, support the development of clinical guidelines that establish best practices for abortion care, and celebrate the work of our members, who continue to conduct rigorous research in the face of ongoing attacks on science and family planning.

Amanda Dennis signature
Amanda Dennis, DrPH, MBE
Interim Executive Director

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