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June 2018  |  Vol. 10, #5

Dear colleagues,

The board of the Society of Family Planning (SFP) and SFP Research Fund strongly condemns all forms of harassment, discrimination, and scientific misconduct. As part of our ongoing discussions concerning norms and expectations of members, grantees, and annual meeting attendees, we have reflected on recently publicized events involving a fellow academic society, another organization in the field, and a longtime member of our community.

In response, we are taking the following action steps:

Developing a set of explicit standards for participating in our community as a member, potential awardee, or annual meeting attendee,

Developing policies regarding eligibility for or continuation of grants in cases of scientific misconduct,

Developing processes for responding to concerns that an individual has violated community standards or engaged in scientific misconduct, and

Working with a funder who is exploring options for supporting a third-party investigator of allegations of harassment, available to anyone working in the field of sexual reproductive health, rights, and justice.

In the coming months, we will be asking for your input on setting these standards and policies.

We are also pleased to highlight two plenaries at the upcoming North American Forum on Family Planning. We applaud the organizers and presenters for their work to encourage discussion, inspire action, and to improve our community.

Prioritizing racial justice and equity in family planning: A call to our community will provide the rationale and framework for our family planning community to intentionally prioritize racial justice and equity and encourage continuous engagement from all members of our community. The panel will delineate specific actions to take within our clinical, educational, investigative, advocacy, and community efforts. Thank you in advance to Biftu Mengesha, Toni Bond Leonard, Kristyn Brandi, Brenda Pereda, and Lin-Fan Wang for organizing and presenting this panel.

#UsToo: Exploring workplace sexual harassment in clinical and academic settings will address issues of sexual harassment in the workplace, with a focus on clinical and academic settings within sexual and reproductive health and beyond. This panel will review research on the prevalence of sexual harassment, institutional approaches to responding to sexual harassment, and institutional efforts to prevent it. Thank you in advance to Lisa Stern, NiCole Buchanan, Liza Fuentes, Lisa Stratton, and Ushma Upadhyay for organizing and presenting this panel.

Should you want to learn more about our efforts to address issues of harassment, discrimination, and scientific misconduct, please contact Executive Director Amanda Dennis.


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Amanda Dennis, DrPH, MBE
Executive Director

Stephanie Teal, MD, MPH
Board President

Amanda Dennis, DrPH, MBE, Society of Family Planning Executive Director