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May 2018  |  Vol. 10, #4

Dear colleagues,

Our community has built a rigorous evidence base on the safety of abortion and contraception, and the negative consequences that occur when these needed health services are out of reach. In two recent op-eds, members of the Board of the Society of Family Planning (SFP) and the SFP Research Fund have called on politicians to align policies with this evidence.

Board member Mary Fjerstad penned a statement in The Hill about Arkansas banning medication abortion. She writes: “The science is clear — medication abortion is safe and effective — rarely resulting in complications or long-term health effects. There is no valid reason to deny a woman an FDA-approved method to end her pregnancy. These politically motivated regulations are not backed by science.”

And Board President Stephanie Teal, writing also in The Hill, addressed the domestic gag rule: “As a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist, and as the board president of the Society of Family Planning, which is a community of scholars who conduct rigorous abortion and contraception research, it is very concerning that the federal government is forcing medical professionals to withhold information from our patients…. It’s time for state and federal government officials to follow the guidance of the vast consensus of the medical and scientific community and ensure that people can access abortion care, where and when they need it.”

We look forward to the SFP community continuing to promote the science of family planning.

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Amanda Dennis, DrPH, MBE
Executive Director