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Dear SFP fellows and colleagues,

On behalf of the board of directors, grant reviewers, and staff, I am delighted to send you the results of the SFP Research Fund’s 2013 competitive request for proposals. You can view the overall list of proposals funded—and if you click on the title of any research project on that page, you’ll be able to read the study abstract for additional information.

The SFP Research Fund has allocated nearly $1.53 million this year for competitive grants, including large research studies, small/pilot research projects, and career development awards for junior investigators and trainees. We will also allocate nearly $2 million in support of fellowship research projects.

We are extraordinarily grateful to our funder for making these grants possible, as funding for research in family planning—including abortion—is very limited. I also want to sincerely thank this year’s grant reviewers for their time and expertise. (Look for the list of reviewers in the August edition of our official journal, Contraception.)


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Susan Higginbotham, MEd
Executive Director

Society of Family Planning &
the SFP Research Fund