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February 2017  |  Vol. 9, #1

Dear SFP members,

I’m pleased to send you a report on the first 10 years of our grant program. I’d like to thank Dr. Amanda Dennis for her work in generating this report to the membership.

We’ve grown so much since 2007, both in terms of the number of grants we award and the number of investigators we support annually. We were fortunate to be able to provide 47 grants in 2016, compared with eight in 2007. So far, 177 individuals have joined the community of investigators who have received funding through the Society of Family Planning. With respect to 2017 grants, we expect to announce the grant decisions in early July.

We’re honored to support a growing community of investigators conducting rigorous research on critical family planning issues. We aim to continue to be responsive to the changing needs of the field, and we look forward to a new round of submissions.


Susan Higginbotham signature
Susan Higginbotham, MEd
Executive Director
Society of Family Planning &
the SFP Research Fund