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Dear SFP fellows and colleagues,

It is my enormous pleasure to serve as SFP Board President, a role I will enjoy thanks to my terrific fellow board members and great SFP staff.

Dr. Danielle Bessett Dr. Michael Thomas Dr. Sonya Borrero

In 2013, we elected three new at large members of the board—Sonya Borrero of General Internal Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh; Michael Thomas of Reproductive Endocrinology at University of Cincinnati; and Danielle Bessett, the new Junior Fellow representative, a sociology professor also at the University of Cincinnati. You can read bios for SFP board members, including our three new members, on the SFP website Board of Directors page.

We ended 2013 with a cascade of additional changes to the board because board Secretary Tracy Weitz resigned in order to begin her new position as the Director of Domestic Programs at a private foundation. All of us congratulate Tracy and are excited about her new position; the consequent board re-ordering was as follows: James Trussell agreed to stay on the board, in essence to serve out Tracy’s term, and he will continue as Audit Committee chair, in which position he has been enormously valuable to Susan and to all of us; Nikki Zite, an at-large board member, agreed to serve as Board Secretary in lieu of Tracy. Eve Espey is the new President-Elect and chair of the Scientific Committee, and I thank Stephanie Teal for taking on Eve’s unexpired term as Board Treasurer.

In addition, on February 15th the SFP board met in Philadelphia to review accomplishments and establish priorities for the year. In order to ensure that SFP’s infrastructure keeps pace with activities and transactions, Susan recently hired a part-time controller, Ken Modica, who met the Board at this meeting. Ken’s presentation of the SFP financial statements was a surprise highlight of the meeting, and that information together with positive feedback by SFP’s legal counsel reinforced the society’s strong stewardship.

The request for grant proposals is open with a submission deadline of April 10th. If you have misplaced the full RFP, you can download it from the SFP website. We will be able to fund three additional large grants this year of $250,000 each, and the review committee is looking forward to what will surely be a record number of outstanding proposals.

While you’re on the SFP website, see the newly posted list of 2013 publications resulting from SFP/SFP Research Fund studies. I congratulate all past grant awardees on their success in completing their projects and bringing them to publication. I hope everyone will enjoy reading these papers, and will be inspired to use the results, and to design the next generation of projects.

The 2014 North American Forum on Family Planning will be held in Miami October 11-13, and I urge you to submit scientific abstracts and/or session proposals for inclusion at the meeting. The deadline for these proposals is March 19, 2014, after which the planning and scientific committees will finalize the program.

With sincere thanks,

Carolyn Westhoff signature
Carolyn Westhoff, MD, MSc
Board President

Carolyn Westhoff, MD, MSc, Society of Family Planning President