The Society is grateful to all of our donors. Their contributions ensure we can continue to progress toward our ambitious vision. 

Demonstrate your support for just and equitable abortion and contraception informed by science. 

All donors who prefer to remain anonymous will be able.

Science Supporters

  • Anitra Beasley
    MD, MPH

  • Nerys Benfield
    MD, MPH

  • Mitchell Creinin
    PhD, MPH

  • Blair Darney
    PHD, MPH

  • Angela Dempsey
    MD, MPH

  • Tina Raine-Bennett
    MD, MPH

Science Supporters

Science Supporters are individual donors whose generous support allows us to grow a vibrant and diverse community of family planning scholars, sustain our Annual Meeting, advance and promote rigorous abortion and contraception research, and influence clinical practice to ensure optimal care.

  • Anitra Beasley, MD, MPH
  • Nerys Benfield, MD, MPH
  • Christy Boraas, MD, MPH
  • Kari Braaten MD, MPH
  • In memory of Dr. Michael Burnhill
  • Mitchell Creinin, PhD, MPH
  • Blair Darney PhD, MPH
  • Angela Dempsey, MD, MPH
  • Aileen Gariepy, MD, MPH, MHS
  • Sadia Haider, MD, MPH
  • Megan Kavanaugh, DrPH, MPH
  • Tessa Madden, MD, MPH
  • Karen Meckstroth, MD, MPH
  • Wendy V. Norman, MD, MHSc
  • Aslene Palmer-Bennett
  • Chelsea Polis, PhD
  • Tina Raine-Bennett, MD, MPH
  • Patricia Seal, MD, FACOG
  • Katharine White, MD, MPH
  • In memory of Laurie Zabin

Uta Landy Fund for Complex Family Planning

  • Deborah Bartz
    MD, MPH

  • Eve Espey

  • Aileen Gariepy
    MD, MPH, MHS

  • Sadia Haider
    MD, MPH

  • Matthew Reeves
    MD, MPH

  • David Turok
    MD, MPH

Uta Landy Fund for Complex Family Planning

Donors to the Uta Landy Fund for Complex Family Planning honor Dr. Landy and her longstanding commitment to abortion and contraception research and advocacy. The Fund supports early career physicians to become family planning experts.

  • Emily Barker, MD
  • Deborah Bartz, MD, MPH
  • Margaret Boozer, MD, MPH
  • Kari Braaten, MD, MPH
  • Ashley Brant, DO, MPH
  • Amy Bryant, MD, MSCR
  • Angela Chen, MD, MPH
  • Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH
  • Blair Darney, PHD, MPH
  • Gillian Dean, MD, MPH
  • David Eisenberg, MD, MPH
  • Eve Espey, MD
  • Aileen Gariepy, MD, MPH, MHS
  • Crystal Goldsmith, MD, MS
  • Maryam Guiahi, MD, MSc
  • Sadia Haider, MD, MPH
  • Mark Hathaway, MD, MPH
  • Sarah Horvath, MD, MSHP
  • Melody Hou, MD, MPH
  • Jennifer Karlin, MD, PhD
  • Aishat Olatunde, MD
  • Sarah Prager, MD, MAS
  • Neena Qasba, MD, MPH
  • Matthew Reeves, MD, MPH
  • Nancy Stanwood, MD, MPH
  • Jody Steinauer, MD, PhD
  • John Stutsman, MD
  • Elana Tal, MD, MS
  • Jennifer Tang, MD, MSCR
  • Mary Tschann, PhD, MPH
  • Jema Turk, PhD, MA, MPA
  • David Turok, MD, MPH
  • Peggy Ye, MD, MPH
  • Matthew Zerden, MD, MPH


Philanthropic donors provide generous general and project-specific support to the Society of Family Planning.