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Research and grants

The SFP Research Fund is a 501(c)(4) corporation associated with SFP. We fund rigorous scientific research that generates new evidence to support improvements in practice, programs, policy, culture, and health outcomes. The work of SFP members has contributed to abortion services being made safer, contraceptive access being improved, family planning providers being better trained, and many other accomplishments. With the support of the SFP Research Fund, new researchers have been brought into the field, and mid-career and senior scholars have continued to build their own capacity and that of their research teams.

Funding interests

The SFP Research Fund is interested in supporting meaningful projects of any methodology or discipline that provide compelling, well-reasoned answers to the question: Ultimately, what is the demonstrable contribution that the family planning project you are pursuing makes to society?

For additional and more detailed guidance, please consult the RFPs.

How to apply

For information on the funding schedule, guidelines, and eligibility, see the page on applying for grants. And please note that, in order to be eligible to apply in the next cycle for any grant other than a trainee grant, you must be an SFP member or have applied for SFP membership by December 1 of this year.

For additional information or questions, please contact Marlo Polonsky by email or at 866 584-6758, ext. 302.