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SFPRF funding opportunities in 2018

With an eye toward increasing the impact of our grantmaking in 2018, the Society of Family Planning (SFP) and the SFP Research Fund (SFPRF) will:

  • Focus on research in the U.S.: At the request of our funder, we will be narrowing the focus of our grantmaking to research in the U.S. This will enable us to concentrate our finite resources for greater impact.
  • Prioritize two funding opportunities: Focusing on two funding opportunities means we will be able to maximize available resources where there is greatest need, fund innovative and impactful projects, and provide additional benefits to grantees.
  • Increase the diversity of grantees: Applicants will no longer be required to be SFP members. Lifting the SFP membership requirement will help increase the disciplinary, organizational, and demographic diversity of who is at the family planning research table. We believe this will ignite new thinking and strengthen the work of the field.
  • Prime research for impact: While maintaining our rigorous peer review process, we will also involve end users of research in assessing proposals. In addition, we will ask that all applicants describe how their research findings will be applied and used in meaningful ways. Our funder will also be involved in the selection of grants. This approach ensures that the research funded through SFPRF is one of many strategic components working together to strengthen the family planning sector.

These bold changes arose from a lengthy and thoughtful evaluation process. As we continue to evaluate our grantmaking and our impact, we hope to continue growing and changing based on what we learn.

How to apply

For information on the funding schedule, guidelines, and eligibility, see the page on applying for grants.

For additional information or questions, please contact Grants Officer Marlo Polonsky.